I specialize in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript development.

What gets me all revved up? Code as crisp as a morning breeze, and algorithms with the elegance of a 1995 Ford Bronco. Mostly I'm just really into the internet. Can we take a moment to reflect on its glory? I want to be a part of that.
Not long ago I was an engineer testing software for the next-generation GPS satellites. I was introduced to programming while studying engineering in college. It was my favorite part, and I began playing with web development when I was in grad school. The more time I put into it, the more I realized how much I enjoyed it, and I was eventually spending all of my free time on it. So I decided to make the leap from engineering to web development, and now here I am.


Logo Boat


SailUpon uses a Ruby on Rails back-end with a Backbone.js front-end to navigate the user to sites related to their chosen interests. Once you are logged in, the site acts as a single page using the Backbone framework to update the page's content.
SailUpon | GitHub



Atari's classic re-imagined for the browser. Asteroids is a game built with the HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript. It's an incredibly awesome work in progress. It uses the nifty keymaster.js tool for interaction. I've added a parallax feature for the star field which enhances the sense of motion through space. There's much room for growth and will be a continuing side project in the coming weeks and months.
Asteroids | GitHub



Snake is a classic. This one is another game built with JavaScript, but no HTML5 Canvas on this one. It simply uses dynamic divs, keymaster.js and some jQuery. Really simple but addicting game. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that.
Snake! | GitHub

RMI Aware

Designed for Remote Medical International, RMI Aware contains a database of remote operations locations and hospitals around the world and connects the users with the nearest hospitals capable of meeting their needs. On an oil rig in The Gulf of Mexico and someone's injured but have a helicopter? This will find nearby hospitals with helipads. It also allows for ships to integrate with the Marine Traffic API so RMI Aware always knows the vessel's up-to-date location.
The version below uses mock data to protect RMI's data, so please excuse the hospitals in the ocean.
RMI Aware | GitHub


Dog Traning with Sockets

An Socket.io application I wrote to communicate/distract my dogs at home when I'm at work. It's used in conjuction with a web cam to give them commands or just distracting noises from work without having to make a peep in the office.

Other Stuff I'm Into

Isla Mujeres Movie Grab


I like to film and edit videos in my free time. This video was from a trip to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. There's whale sharks, storms, iguanas, turtles. You name it. The video is featured on a couple of tourism sites for the island, which I'm pretty proud of.

Blue, the dog


The only thing more majestic than a 1995 Ford Bronco is that dog right there. Blue is an Australian Kelpie mix that we rescued from Albuquerque, and he is unmatched.

Isla Mujeres Movie Grab

Jet Engines

Biomite was my senior capstone project at the University of Colorado. We modified a miniature jet engine to operate on biofuel and added a variable area nozzle, which is what you see slowly opening and closing in this video. I was responsible for the design and manufacturing of that nozzle.

Contact me

Feel free to email me or find me on GitHub, Stack Overflow, or LinkedIn. Or check out my blog