Programming - The Next Blue Collar Profession

A Good Read About the Future of Programmers

Programming - The Next Blue Collar Profession

I am a strong believer that the mythos of the lone programmer genius is harmful to the future of the coding profession. Plenty of smart, logical thinkers that would thrive as developers never even give it a shot because they don’t see themselves fitting the mold. I am also optimistic that this barrier is being broken down by the increased access to things like code schools, which put coding in a field along with other trades learned from vocational schools. This is good! And as that barrier deteriorates, more and more people who will never be able to work on machine learning or writing new compression algorithms will be put in positions to maintain a page on a company’s site. And that’s fine! That can be a good middle-class job.

Of course the next fear that arises along with any blue collar boom is the replacement of those positions with automation. And most likely, that will be the case. And that’s also fine! If programming can provide millions of people with good middle class jobs for the next handful of decades, that’s good enough. Expecting anything else has become unreasonable.

So please, give this a read and let me know if you have any thoughts on it. But I personally could not agree more.

The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding